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The Ohio State Chapter of Sigma Xi, founded in 1898, is the eighth oldest. Of the 500 chapters, the Ohio State Chapter is one of the largest and most active. Our main goal is to promote scientific and engineering research, and the promise of science and technology to society through the recognition of young scientists as members.

Officers and Board Members 2016-2017

    President:  Larry Feth
    Professor, Speech and Hearing Science

    President Elect:  Noah Weisleder
    Associate Professor, Physiology and Cell Biology

    Secretary/Treasurer:  Lynette Rogers
    Associate Professor, Neonatology/Pediatrics

    Past President: Clark Spencer Larsen
    Professor and Chair, Anthropology


    Board Members:

    Stuart Cooper
    Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering,
    President Elect of National Sigma Xi

    Madelyn Gerber
    Postdoctoral Fellow, Comprehensive Cancer

    Don Hayes
    Associate Professor, Pulmonary Medicine/

    Mark E. Peeples
    Professor, Vaccines and Immunity/Pediatrics,
    Past President of National Sigma Xi

    Marissa C. Stewart
    Graduate student, Anthropology




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